Rooshoo in its habitat
Habitat(s) Forest
Rarity Common

Rooshoo is the furry little friend of the forest. Whenever you need cheering up, it is here to make you smile. Rooshoo is a great listener (thanks to its big ears) and loves helping its friends in any way it can. 

Rooshoo loves cuddling in the trees while listening to the beautiful songbirds of the forest.


Egg Baby Teen Adult
-001-Forest 0 -Forest 1 -Forest 2 -Forest 3
Habitat Forest Rarity Common
Harvests Grass, Bush

Available at Level

Incubate Time 8 sec Hatching Time 20 sec

How to get itEdit

  • Buy it in the shop for 100 coins
  • Breed 2 Rooshoo


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